Fun Baby Shower Ideas in Melbourne

Aside from baby shower favors and gifts, foods and decoration. There are still factors that needs to be considered to make a fun and enjoyable baby shower party. Games are the ice breaker during a baby shower party. However, many moms find it quite hard to prepare. No problem, here are some fun and cool game ideas to zest the party:

Word Games

Word games can be a puzzle or word search. With the use of computer, different words pertaining to baby stuff can be formed. Print several copies for your guests and give them enough time to finish the word game. The player with most highest score is the winner.

Guessing Game

Guessing game is one of the most popular interesting game which is easy to prepare. Portraying what guess can be done by hand drawing or acting. Prepare a topic which related for babies like baby baptismal day and baby’s first birthday.

Quiz Game

A quiz game is like answering a school test paper. In the test booklet or paper, there are several question pertaining to the newborn child and even to the new parents. Example questions are: What is the exact date and time the baby was born? What is the baby’s exact height and weight?. Other things that can be included to the questions are top baby shower gifts, gifts for parents and the like.

Taste Test

One of the favorite game during baby shower party. Just purchase enough kinds of baby foods. Each food should be placed inside the container likes jars, then just number each jars. Keep the answer key with numbers of jars and it’s content. Remove any labels that can give clue to the players leaving only the numbers of baby foods. Pass around the jars and ask the player to write down what she/he think is inside by not looking at the food, even tasting and smelling it not allowed.

Aside from games, prepare also prices for winners. Prices like baby gift basket, baby items like bibs, socks, clothing, pacifier or baby bath toys. Just add a little bit of creativity by hanging personalized tags on each items.

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