Baby Boy Shower Ideas

Planning a Baby Boy Shower Party seems to be a bit difficult at first. There are so many great ideas to choose from, and sometimes it is really hard to choose among the best choices. Will there be a theme? What theme is that? The only help is by adding a bit of creative thoughts and some wise planning, then you’re already good to go on having a fun and successful baby boy shower party.

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  • Are the parents sports enthusiasts? If so, decide to decorate the party with sports-related decorations. Such decorations are available in many party supply store, or find them online where wide variety of great choices are offered. Of the parents are into several sports, pick one that both the mom and dad had in common.

  • Ask the mom if the baby room is going to have a theme to it, this is if the party will be held in the baby’s nursery. If there is, find matching shower supplies like cups, plates, table napkins and the likes. Or, it could just go with something as simply as ”It’s a boy” theme which only need lots of blue balloons and ribbons.

  • Using Teddy Bears theme is a very safe idea also and not just for baby girls only. In fact, bears are very popular baby shower decorations nowadays. It could be Winnie the Pooh, or just bears in general. Find matching shower supplies for a teddy bear idea also.

  • Once the theme and decorations have been decided, try to keep everything else within the theme. A uniformed and organized baby shower will make the event easy to remember. For example, if is a Super Hero themed shower party, purchase baby shower invitations, shower favors, baby cake, etc with a super hero theme. Once the guests know how the party is themed, it will be very easy for them to decide what shower gifts to bring.

  • As much as possible, try to stick with some kind of theme for it will really make the rest of decorating ideas much easier. After all, it doesn’t have to be too much and very expensive when decorating a baby shower party. Rather, a little imagination and some thought are enough to make a beautiful decorated party.

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