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Decorate Your Own Rubber Ducks

Decorate Your Own Rubber Duckies makes a fun baby shower game!

If you are wanting to add your own personal touch to your Rubber Ducky themed baby shower or looking for a different game or activity for your guests, then you will love these Decorate Your Own Rubber Duckies.

You can give one to each guest to decorate or divide your guests in to small groups. You provide the markers, paints or whatever decorations you choose and your guests have fun creating their own individual designs!
If there will be small children at the baby shower, these also make a great activity for children to help keeping them occupied and providing them with lots of fun! (not recommended for children under five years of age).
  • Each pack includes 12 off-white vinyl "rubber duckies"
  • Ducks measure 5.3 long x 5.2cm wide x 5cm high
  • Ducks float upright in water
  • Ducks do not squeak
  • Set does not include any markers

Ducky decorating ideas

If you want to make the most of this fun activity, you could visit a two dollar shop for most of the supplies needed for the following suggestions. For a small outlay you will get lots of laughs and fun.
  • Use paint or markers suitable for vinyl
  • If using paint, supply a variety of brushes including standard type and foam brushes
  • Use rhinestones to add some bling! (some rhinestones are available with self adhesive otherwise use appropriate glue)
  • Give guests a theme or choice of themes
  • If you are not planning on using them in water, you could provide embellishments for guests such as paper wings, foam pieces etc.
Each set includes 12 off-white ducks only - markers and other decorations/embellishments are not included.

Price: $10.95
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Decorate Your Own Rubber Ducks
Decorate Your Own Rubber Ducks
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