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Baby Shower Game Kit (12 guests)

Great value baby shower game kit contains 5 games for 12 guests

The Baby Shower Game Kit is fantastic value and loads of fun!
Each kit contains five games for 12 guests.

Baby Words Game

How to play: In each blank, write a word associated with babies that begins with that letter of the alphabet. The first person to fill in all the blanks, wins!

Baby Shower Bingo

How to play: In each of the blank squares, write a gift you think the Mum-to-Be will receive. As each gift is unwrapped, cross out the matching square. As in traditional Bingo, the first person to get 5 in a row, column or diagonal, wins!

Diaper Surprise

How to play: Give each guest a diaper. When ready, have guests open up their individual diaper. The one with the messy blotch and "YOU WIN" statement is the winner! Note to hostess: the winning diaper is marked with a faint W on the lower right portion of the folded diaper.

Baby Care Charades

How to play: Like a typical charades game, each guest takes turns silently acting out the scenario listed on their cards. First person to guess the right answer in the allotted time is the winner! Option: Divide the group in to 2 teams and keep score.

Pin the Pacifier on the Baby

How to play: Mount large sheet with baby on the wall with sticky tape or blue tak. Ask guests to write their name on a pacifier shape. Peel the pacifier-shaped sticker from the sticker sheet. Blindfold guests. Guests place shapes on the sheet guessing the 'best' location.Winner is the one with the closest placement to baby's mouth!

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Baby Shower Game Kit (12 guests)
Baby Shower Game Kit (12 guests)
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