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Planning a baby shower for your best friend’s first born is both rewarding and exciting, even though you are still a bit clueless about it. Throwing a baby shower Registry is one way to welcome the upcoming baby and to provide all the things the parents will need for their newborn child. Baby showers are fun but sometimes can be a bit emotional. It need not be lavish or too formal. It’s all about getting all the people the parents-to-be love most so that they get all the support and encouragements they need.

Any close person of the parents-to-be can be a host or hostess of the party. So if you are into planning of throwing a baby registry for a friend, you would want it to be as perfect as possible. If you will be the host or hostess of the said event, and you want the party to be remembered, you have to deal with several things that a typical baby registry need. On the list are, baby registry, baby shower theme, decorations, menu, favours, games and gifts.

Baby registry gifts, in particular, are the things that are most awaited during baby showers. Again, these gifts are what the new parents need while raising their child. It is always a great idea to choose the right gift that not only for the baby, but also for the parents who will be looking after the newborn child as he or she grow. There are so many great gifts you may consider, thousands of them are available online on a gift registry. They include the most basic baby essentials such as diapers, feeding bottles, steriliser for bottles, clothing, blankets, socks, hats etc.

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Today, most parties let moms enlist their desired shower gifts in online baby gift registry. Online baby gift registry is the most easiest and fastest way to look for an ideal present that no other guest has bought yet. This really work best for savvy online consumers.

Baby showers are not only about giving gifts to the new parents and the child. As the hostess, you should also consider the guests who shared their time to welcome the upcoming little bundle of joy. Baby shower favours are given as a thank you gift to each involved person at the party. Giving favours is one way to show appreciation and gratitude to those who give support and encouragement to the parents-to-be. Favours are of different variety to choose from. Favors can be anything from pacifiers, socks to sweet adorable treats.

Aside from gift registry, as the hostess, you also have to plan games. To keep the party lively, throw games that can give a big laugh to all the people at the party. You can create your own games if you want, or you can purchase some ideas at the nearest party shops. Just make sure that when planning a the party, if you have a theme on mind, plan the other details according to desired theme. There are so many themes to choose from, choose the one that both you and the parents-to-be preferred most.

When choosing gifts for babies, don’t just settle for less. One way to make a great gift is by choosing the right kind, that’s why safe and healthy supplies are highly recommended for babies. The gift registry will be more appreciated if behind it is a thought of making sure that the items are safe and healthy for the baby’s use.

Organic gift ideas is highly recommended by health conscious people and on the registry. These items are made from pure organic materials – no chemicals added or non-toxic. It is very alarming that today, we were living with so much chemicals in our surroundings. Therefore, to settle with organic items for babies are likely shielding baby’s health from harmful substances.

Here are some tips on how to find organic products:

  • Do some research for organic baby products from foods, furnitures to clothings. Ask for healthy baby foods from local health food or vitamin store. Even though they doesn’t stock organic essentials, their factual ideas could really helped. Many of this stores advertising organic baby products on their notice boards and bulletin.
  • Ask nutritionist, naturopathic or homeopathic specialist where to find specialty stores that offer healthy natural essential items.
  • Use the Internet. Search in for more information about organic  online and locate a reliable purchasing store.

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